This is an important health and safety warning. This plant is called Giant Hogweed.  You may see it growing along the River Irwell valley.

It can cause burns and blisters if it touches your skin.

Giant Hogweed is a large toxic plant that has been identified growing in many areas along the River Irwell valley. The plant can cause severe blisters and burns and even blindness if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes. Skin can remain sensitive to sunlight for years after it has been affected. It is important for parents and their children to understand what the plant looks like and how to avoid being hurt by it.

Giant Hogweed is an invasive species which means it grows and spreads rapidly and it is difficult to destroy with weedkillers. Signage has been displayed to warn the public in areas where there is known to be a problem. The advice is to avoid touching the plant.

If you do touch Giant Hogweed the best course of action is to cover the affected area from sunlight and wash it with soap and water as soon as possible.