May 2017

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Geography Compulsory Fieldwork – Tuesday 27th June 2017

On Tuesday 27th June 2017 the Geography Department has arranged for all Year 10 Geography pupils to visit the centre of Manchester. The visit is to collect data for the fieldwork element of the GCSE Geography course. The fieldwork is a compulsory element of the course and will be assessed in paper 3 examination. We will be meeting at school at 8.30 am and returning at 3.10pm.

During the course of the visit pupils will be examining the characteristics of the centre of Manchester and collecting a range of data to help answer their fieldwork key question. Pupils will be in groups within their Geography class to collect this data which will be shared as a class on their return to school. Pupils will also have a number of research tasks to complete during the day in Manchester. The information collected during the day is essential for the successful analysis and preparation for the paper 3 examination and as such pupils will be required to work productively during the day.

As with all school trips your son/daughter will be representing the school and visiting places used by members of the public. High standards of behaviour will be expected by all pupils and we would be grateful if you could reinforce this to your son/daughter. Teachers will be contactable at all times at designated meeting points in Manchester and regular meeting times/points will be used to check pupils progress over the course of the day.

Pupils will be allowed to wear their own clothing, providing it is appropriate and waterproof. We will be out all day so it is important to wear comfortable shoes. Students will need to bring pens and pencils and either something for their lunch or money to purchase their lunch. Could you please complete the reply slip below and return it with a voluntary payment of £5 to cover the cost of transport and resources for the trip

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this trip please do not hesitate contact me at school.

Yours sincerely,

Mr A. Rashud (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs P. Evans  (Geography teacher)

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Y10 Geography Field Trip Letter 2017