We would like to introduce you to a new House event which we hope will become an annual fixture in our calendar. The House Sponsored Walk will be the main event raising money for school projects and our school’s nominated local, national and international charities. The House which raises the most sponsorship will win the House Charity Shield.

The walk will take place on Thursday 13th July, starting and finishing at school. Students should register as normal at 8.45. The students, supported and marshalled by members of staff, will follow a ‘figure of 8’ route with an opportunity for a toilet break at school before completing the second leg of the walk which will include a lunch break – further details of the route and checkpoints will be published nearer to the event.

Students are expected back in school from 2.00pm onwards. When pupils return to school a member of staff will sign their sponsor form to say they have completed the walk and when all forms have been signed for a Tutor group, students will be allowed to return home. However if any pupil needs to remain in school, arrangements will be made to look after them until 3.15pm.

As for all of our non-uniform days make-up and jewellery rules will be ‘relaxed’ but we insist on ‘sensible’ amounts of both and would encourage students to be ‘sensibly dressed’ to meet the demands of the day. Tops must not reveal midriffs or shoulders and should not be ‘low-cut’. Hair rules apply at all times. Any student we feel is not following these guidelines will not be allowed to walk and will be kept in school until 3.15pm. Under the circumstances we would appreciate your support in reinforcing this point to your child.

A sponsor form is included with this letter and I would be grateful if you could help and support your child in collecting sponsorship over the next few weeks.

If your child is medically unable to do the walk please contact the school with details. Your child must still come into school on the day of the walk to help out until everyone has completed the walk.

A letter containing more details will be sent home nearer the event.

Yours faithfully
I Tandy (House Co-ordinator)
A. Rashud (Assistant Head Teacher)

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