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Dear Parents/Carers,

Another busy year in the life of Tottington High School has drawn to a close and I hope you are able to enjoy the summer months. I am writing my annual letter to inform you about some changes prior to our return on 5th September. In the past this has been mailed to you but as our online facilities have greatly improved, all information is available via our website at, or by downloading our school app on your phone or via Show My Homework app which you should already have.

I wish to thank you for your continued support for Tottington High School (including Year 6 parents/carers for your support over the coming years), and reiterate that a positive ‘home-school’ relationship is an integral part in gaining successes for your son/daughter. Thank you.

I would appreciate you taking the time to read through it in detail and highlight any relevant aspects to your son/daughter.

Staff leaving us:
Miss Flanagan – Science
Mr Jackson – Technology
Mrs Khan – ICT
Mr Markland – Maths
Mr Pole – Science
Mrs. Vitkin – Office

Staff Joining us in September:
Mrs Ainsworth – Inclusion
Miss Arnold – English
Mr Arshid – Science
Mr Boardman – Maths
Mrs Burt – Science
Mr Doherty – Maths
Mrs Ferguson – Inclusion
Mr Holden – Technology
Miss Kerr – History
Mrs Lord – Inclusion
Mrs Lucas – Inclusion
Miss Redmond – Technology
Mrs Standring – Exams

Mrs Rishton will move from Exams Officer to Office Manager/Headteacher’s PA

Some movements have occurred in setting up our new Inclusion/Pastoral Structure. Staffing as follows:
Mrs Foster has been promoted to the Senior Leadership Team as Assistant Headteacher i/c Inclusion
Head of Y7 – Mr Ishtiaq assisted by Mr Burgoyne
Head of Y8 – Mr Horrobin
Head of Y9 – Mrs Carter assisted by Miss Postle
Head of Y10 – Mrs Pollitt
Head of Y11 – Miss Parnell

Miss MacLean will take on new duties as Attendance and Safeguarding Officer
Mrs Stanley will take on new duties as Pastoral Manager/Mentor

We wish all our staff who are leaving the very best of luck on their new ventures and a special thank you to Mrs Vitkin who leaves us after 29 years of service at the school. A huge thank you to all staff leaving, from all the students, staff and Governors of the school and a huge welcome to all those joining us in September.

Dates for next year are available on our website and our new calendar will be uploaded in September with events to take note of. Please do not book any holidays during term time.

Please find a full uniform list on our website/app. A few changes from last year following consultation with staff and students. Please take note.

Phones/Headphones etc.
Students may, from September, use phone etc. before school, breaks, lunchtimes and after school ANYWHERE in the building. However…..we are introducing a ‘Visibility Rule’. If a phone/headphones etc. is seen at any other time, it will be confiscated…no discussions!

Nothing must be worn under blazer except school uniform, shirt, tie, blouse, school sweater. Coats removed when requested and confiscated if a student continues to disregard this rule

Students may be allowed to wear one stud in each ear if wished. Diameter of stud must be no more than 0.5cm. These must be taken out or covered for practical lessons, and all other jewellery will be confiscated if worn.

Please also take note of our usual expectations about appearance. The following must not be worn: trainers / false nails / make-up. Students continually breaking these rules will be sent home or isolated.

The vast majority of our students wear their uniform correctly and thank you for supporting us by ensuring your child returns in September fully prepared for the term’s work.

Please ensure your child is properly equipped for school. We expect at least the following: pen / pencil / ruler / calculator

We are now able to accept online payments via our website and app.

We are once again initiating our School Fund which is a facility for parents to kindly donate money for us to use ‘directly’ for the benefit of our children, e.g. awards, trips etc. We are asking that if possible parents/carers each donate £10 but of course we are very grateful for any donations large or small. If you feel you can donate an amount, please go online to do so.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support for the school. I hope you all have a restful and enjoyable summer and reminder we open again on Tuesday 5th September for students.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. B. Duffy

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2017 Summer Letter