Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing at the start of the new academic year with information on SMHW (Show My Homework) and our new A5 student pocket diaries.

Since introducing SMHW in 2015 the school has been able to ensure that all students are supported in their completion and management of homework. This in turn has supported their progress as homework activities have helped to consolidate and extend their learning.

This academic year we will continue to use SMHW to set homework with instructions and resources being available on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles. As parents/carers you will continue to have access to your son/daughter’s homework using the log on details that you have previously been provided with. This year we will also be ensuring that students record homework in their new A5 student pocket diaries. Students will only need to record if homework has been set as the full details (instructions, resources, deadlines etc) will be available on SMHW. It is hoped that this will further help you as parents in supporting you child. In instances where students do not have access to SMHW at home the diary can be used to record the full details of any homework set.  Form tutors will also provide information on green/yellow/red points, uniform/equipment checks and attendance/punctuality in the diaries on a fortnightly basis. Where necessary detention arrangements will also be provided.

We appreciate that as students move through the school and prepare for adult life they will need to take responsibility for managing their own workload. However, we recognise that students will require support in developing the necessary skills in order to this. These are important skills that we promote and develop with students during their time at school. Therefore as parents we would recommend looking at SMHW and the pocket diary with your son/daughter. The frequency of this will change as your son/daughter progresses through the school and will also depend on how successfully they manage their homework. Homework and diaries will be monitored in school by form tutors and pastoral staff at designated times during each half term. To support this monitoring we would ask you to check and sign the diary on a fortnightly basis.

Parents of students in Year 7 will receive SMHW instructions and access information later this half term in preparation for using it next half term. Parents of students in Year groups 8 to 11 should use existing passwords to access SMHW. In some instances the App may need to be updated or deleted and re-installed (from the App Store or Google play) due to updates over the summer holiday. If you would like to be re-issued with your password or would like support with using SMHW please contact the school.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support this coming year.


Mr A. Rashud

Assistant Headteacher