Dear Parent/Guardian

The House Community Award Competition is an on-going award which recognises and rewards students who show exceptional good manners and an awareness of our school community through their use of our House litter bins
In recognition of their achievement in winning this term’s Community Award all students in Redgrave House in Years 7-10 are invited to attend school in non-uniform on Friday 21st July.

As for all of our non-uniform days make-up and jewellery rules will be ‘relaxed’ but we insist on ‘sensible’ amounts of both and would encourage students to be ‘sensibly dressed’ to meet the demands of the day. Tops must not reveal midriffs or shoulders and should not be ‘low-cut’. Hair rules apply at all times. Any student we feel is not following these guidelines will be kept in isolation during the day. Under the circumstances we would appreciate your support in reinforcing this point to your child.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all students who have taken part in any of the many and diverse range of House events this year and encourage everyone to participate in the events planned for the next academic year starting in September.

Yours sincerely
I Tandy (House Co-ordinator)

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