Dear Parent/Guardian,

The House Community Award competition is an on-going award which recognises and rewards students who show mutual respect, exceptional good manners and an awareness of our school community and environment. On the last Friday of each half term the House that wins this competition is rewarded with a non-uniform day.

Due to the events in Manchester on Monday our school community would like to pay tribute to the life of Olivia Campbell-Hardy by having a ‘Colour Day’ on Friday 26th May. We wish for the day to be a celebration of her life and time at Tottington High School, and therefore we would like to raise funds in support of victims and their families. We would like students to come to school in colourful clothing and to also bring a donation of £1 that we will forward on.

As for all of our non-uniform days, make-up and jewellery rules will be ‘relaxed’ but we insist on ‘sensible’ amounts of both and would also encourage students to be ‘sensibly dressed’ to meet the demands of the school day. Tops must not reveal mid-rifts or shoulders and should not be ‘low-cut’. Hair rules apply at all times.  Any student who we feel, is not following these guidelines, will be sent home to change on the day or be kept in isolated. Under the circumstances we would appreciate your support in reinforcing this point to your child.

Unfortunately, year 11 students must attend school in normal full uniform as GCSE exams are timetabled for Friday.

Olivia was accompanied to the event by a fellow student and friend, Adam Lawler. Our thoughts are also very much with Adam, who suffered serious injuries and has undergone surgery.

Students and staff are in shock and together with school partners we will be providing support for the whole school community to help each other through this terrible time.

Yours sincerely

B Duffy

A Rashud
Assistant Headteacher

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Colour Day Letter 2017