House Events Results:

1st place – Redgrave
2nd place – Johnson
3rd place – Woodbury

1st place – Johnson
2nd place – Redgrave
3rd place – Woodbury

Ultimate Frisbee:
1st place – Johnson
2nd place – Woodbury
3rd place – Redgrave

Johnson House Points

Redgrave House Points

Woodbury House Points

Green Card Good Manners News:

Woodbury House were winners of the Green Card Good Manners competition for the first half-term and enjoyed their non-uniform day on Thursday 20th October.

Woodbury are also currently ahead this term but only by 4 points.

Dates for your diary:

Table tennis finals are on Thursday 10th November.

Spelling Bee – Key Stage 3 Tuesday 6th December, Key Stage 4 & Staff Wednesday 7th December)

Pictionary will be available to play in form periods during the mock exam period, and will be part of the Grand Quiz later in the year together with general knowledge, Articulate and Dingbats.