Report by Amy Laws, 7R

KS4 and Staff House Benchball took place on 11th May 2016.

Woodbury vs Redgrave

Not long after the whistle, Mr Horrobin (Woodbury) scored and joined his team’s bench. Lots of people ended up falling over including Mr Cheetham (Woodbury). It was quite funny! Soon after, he scored for his team. This brought the score to 2-0 to Woodbury. Redgrave were back in the game when Mrs Wright (Redgrave) scored. Another of her team-mates, Mr Faulkner also launched the ball to his bench and won a point. Woodbury scored, then Redgrave (Mrs Evans) then Woodbury again which brought the final score to 4-3 to Woodbury. Congrats, Woodbury!

Johnson vs Woodbury

Almost straight away, Mr Burgoyne (Johnson) fouled Mrs Carter (Woodbury) by accidentally hitting her! Bad luck came for Johnson when Woodbury scored. Even more bad luck came for Mr Burgoyne when he fell over! Very funny! Eventually, the whistle blew and Woodbury won 1-0. Nothing much happened and Johnson were very unlucky. Well done, Woodbury!

Johnson vs Redgrave

A few seconds into the match, Mr Rashud (Johnson) scored as Mr Daniels (Johnson) caught the ball. The game went on and Johnson were actually quite lucky because they scored another three points. Finally, Redgrave scored when Mr Faulkner (Redgrave) caught the ball. Mrs Wright also scored a point before Johnson scored the final goal which brought the score to 5-2 to Johnson. Good play, Johnson!

Here are the results

House               Win       Loss

Johnson               1            1

Redgrave             0           2

Woodbury           2           0