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GCSE Examinations Information

All pupils MUST CHECK their personal statement of entry. Morning exams start at 9.00 am and afternoon exams at 1.30 pm – unless otherwise stated. Candidates MUST arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination.
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GCSE Handbook
This booklet is designed to offer you help and advice in preparation for GCSE Exams. This booklet also states the rules and regulations of the exam boards that you must adhere to. Please read through this booklet to ensure that you are familiar with what is expected of you. May I take this opportunity to wish you well in your forthcoming examinations. Do your best!
Good Luck.
Mr B Duffy
Exam Anxiety Can Lead To Better Grades
Taking academic tests can be a stressful time for some young people and especially for those with a history of elevated anxiety. However a study published today in the British Journal of Psychology shows that anxiety only has a negative effect on test results if memory is also poor. Furthermore if memory is good, increased anxiety is associated with attaining better marks.
Policy on Exam Entry Tiering
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