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Bury Enterprise Challenge winners 2016

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The Bury Enterprise Game is a lively trading simulation game that challenges students to put their enterprise, maths and business skills into action. Students are required to develop sales strategies, market goods and sell products to a variety of different businesses – all in competitive environment!

Tottington High School has a strong commitment to developing these valuable enterprise skills in conjunction with important cross-curricular skills as part of the school’s careers provision. This provision has been recognised in the school’s achievement of the Careers and IAG award. The school currently holds the Gold Standard and participation in the Bury Enterprise Game is part of this wider provision that aims to support all students in their further study and careers.

Our school has entered the competition over recent years and has performed well on each occasion. This year saw the culmination these performances as the school team won the overall competition and one of Tottington’s students won the individual competition! The game was eagerly contested by all participating individuals and schools and the commitment demonstrated by all entrants from across Bury further emphasises the achievements of Tottington’s students this year.

Miss A Seldon said “The students had to compete against other Bury schools in a game where they had to sell as many products as they could to a variety of different businesses. At the end of the game, the money they had made was counted up and Sophia Karimzadeh won the award for individual with the highest value. Overall, our team had the highest value too! I am so proud of them all!”

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Student News Archive

At THS we support three different charities every year and endeavour to raise as much money for these charities as possible. The school council run a  number of events throughout the year, engaging staff, students and the community.

Last year we raised money for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, Bliss and The Syria Crisis Appeal. We raised a significant amount of money through house charity events, cake sales, talent shows and more and we were very pleased to be able to send that money off to the respective charities this term.

Over the last few weeks, students have been voting again for our charities for this academic year. The selected charities are as follows:

Annabelle’s Challenge

Clic Sergeant

Make a Wish

Take a look at the Fundraising page for more information about these charities

Thanks for voting and lets get fundraising!

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Make your Mark

Student News Archive

Every year the UK Youth Parliament invite all students across the country aged between 11-18 to help choose the Youth Parliament’s next campaign.

Tottington high school students are getting involved in helping to make this very important decision this year, and every form is currently taking part in the ballot.

There are 10 issues to choose from and students are discussing the issues with their form tutors so that they can make an informed choice. Here are the 10 issues…

MYP topics

We believe that it’s very important to keep our students up to date with real life issues and to encourage them to be involved with the wider community. To that end, we are continuing to work with the Youth Parliament over the next few months and students will soon have the opportunity to vote for a student representative for Bury council.

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Student Competition- Create the Echo slogan

Student News Archive

Every successful brand has it’s own catchy slogan.

Think about it..

“I’m lovin it”

“Every little helps”

“Just do it”

We bet you know all these brands just from their slogans, which proves just how successful they are.

To that end, we have decided that here at Echo, we are in need of a great slogan and we are asking you to create it for us. To help get you started here’s some crucial information you might need…

-The name Echo was derived from the words Eco (council), Council (student), House and Other (student news)

-The aim of the website is to publish reports/stories/news and information all relevant to our students

If you would like to participate in this competition, please submit your entry into the Echo post box on the door of L2 by Monday 20th June. Make sure you include your name and form.

The winner will be decided by our Echo team and will be announced on here. 

The prize will be VUE CINEMA VOUCHERS 


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Teacher Q&A- Miss Sestanovic

Student News Archive

By Georgia Platt

Q) Why did you become an R.E. teacher?
A) ‘Well, I always wanted to be a teacher, ever since I was about six! I got degrees in psychology and religion, but not many schools offer psychology as a subject, so I chose Religious Education and I didn’t want to teach at a primary school, so I chose to teach at secondary school level.’

Q) What is your favourite type of food?
A) ‘I really like seafood!!’

Q) What is your favourite sport?
A) ‘I used to play a lot of netball when I was at school!’

Q) What are your hobbies?
A) ‘My hobbies are going to the cinema, travelling and reading.’

Q) What do you like to do with your family?
A) ‘Hmm… Well I like to go on holiday with my family!’

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