Transport to and from School

Transport to and from school is of course the responsibility of parents/carers but we will endeavour to assist in any arrangements to ease with this issue. There are a number of school buses which travel to our school from the surrounding areas.

For children who cycle we have facilities for bicycles
and would ask that you make sure:

  • Your cycle is roadworthy
  • You cycle sensibly and safely
  • You lock it up whilst at school.

School Bus information can be located on the Transport for Greater Manchester website at the following address:

Information from the TfGM Planning Office:
TfGM Bus Services Information 2015-2016

Buses & Routes

885Radcliffe - Ainsworth - Walshaw - Tottington High School
876Bury Bridge - Bolton Road - Watling street - Walshaw - Tottington High School
886Radcliffe - Walshaw - Tottington High School
892Rawtenstall - Edenfield - Shuttleworth - Ramsbottom - Holcombe Brook - Tottington
901Bury Bridge - Woodhill - Tottington High School
469Walmersley - Bury Interchange - Tottington High School
484Tottington High School - Bury Interchange - Walmersley
890Tonge Moor - Walves - Tottington High School