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Unstoppable Teen – Tips for Managing Exam Stress

Unstoppable Teen – Tips for Managing Exam Stress

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The links below have been provided by Kevin Mincher from Unstoppable Teen. You can use the links to subscribe for expert tips on subjects such as managing exam stress and improving your grades.


Here’s some of the free content Unstoppable Teen have with their subscribers recently:

Kevin says: ‘We share new content every week and I do my best to answer subscriber’s questions.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing strategies for success in tests and exams, so get involved!’

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Johnson House Non-Uniform Day

Johnson House Non-Uniform Day

House News Archive

Johnson House have won this half term’s Green Card competition, which means that the whole of Johnson House get a non-uniform day this Friday (31st March).
Green cards are given to students who display good manners. Cards are placed in the House boxes on the science corridor and are counted at the end of each half term. The House with the most green cards is rewarded with a non uniform day on the last day of the half term.
The final count of Green Cards were:
1st Johnson – 40
2nd Woodbury – 35
3rd Redgrave – 32

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