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January- Top Green Points

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Here are our top green point earners for January

Year 7– 1. Cole Howard 2. Emma Wilkinson 3. Sam Woodman/Jack Veichmanis/Holly Trundle

Year 8– 1. Teegan Donaghy 2. Henry Hathaway 3. Isabelle Ralph

Year 9– 1. Jo Woodman 2. Beker Khalid 3. Keegan Baguely

Year 10– 1. Samantha Graham/Marian Obi 2. Kimberly Tyson 3. Thomas Sanderson

Year 11- 1. Ellie Harrington 2. Ellie Goddard 3. Adam Dickinson


And our overall winner this month with 108 green points is …

Cole Howard 7N!

Congratulations Cole!

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An Inspector Calls- Manchester Actors

Student News Archive

On Wednesday 27th January the Manchester Actors came into school to do a performance of ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B.Priestly.

The performance was for our Year 10, and some of our Year 11 students, who are studying the play for English Literature.

Take a look at some of the reviews.

Jessica Kelley Year 10

I really enjoyed the performance and the chance to hot-seat the characters and find out their views. The actors used the space very well and used appropriate props, such as the wine. I liked how the actors, Scott and Cat, both had to play two characters. They used their body language and facial expressions well to show the difference between the two characters. I enjoyed it very much.

Jake McGaffighan Year 10

I enjoyed the production of An Inspector Calls because it shined light on the social and class aspects of that era. In addition, the adaptation by Manacto showed differences in the characters that you cannot see in the text. It also made me see the Inspector differently, as a more informal and laid back character.

I really enjoyed the play and I picked up a few interesting theories such as about the Birling’s being in a time loop until they admitted to what they had done (Scott proposed this). I thought the Q&A session really helped to add insight to the play and what caused the actors to give their characters the mannerisms they did. I think the way the actors swapped roles was effective and tastefully done as they didn’t make the differences too over the top.

Halle Preston Year 10

I enjoyed seeing the characters in a different light than in writing, and having the emotions of the text come to life. I felt a lot of tension in the play, and the actors got into role really well, especially Gerald and Sheila (who also played very different characters, Eric and Sybil Birling). In the Q&A session afterwards, the actors answered our questions really well, and when they got back into role to answer questions in character they were even better; it seemed as if they knew their roles and the play very well (drunken Eric was especially hilarious!). We also heard some new theories that explained the play and characters in depth, from both the actors’ and characters’ perspectives, and this was a very interesting experience.

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Tottington High on the BBC

Student News Archive

Students from Tottington High School will be making the news for real on 10th March 2016 as they take part in BBC News School Report. I’ve added a new page on Echo which will be updated regularly with BBC School Report information. So why not bookmark it and keep up to date with how it’s all going.

Click the link below to visit our BBC School Report page.

BBC School Report on Echo

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Year 8 English class send letters to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary

Student News Archive

In English, Year 8 are currently learning about letter writing and the theme of the half term is animals.

To that end, Mrs McCool’s English class decided that they would write their letters to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary as they are one of the charities we have chosen to support this year at Tottington High School.

The students did some research about the charity before writing the letters and used the opportunity to ask the charity some questions.

The students really enjoyed writing their letters and are looking forward to hearing back from Bleakholt.



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The difficult Science question competition- Winner… Jack Burns 7J

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Mr Waind asked: Do male or female penguins look after the eggs in the North Pole?

This was a trick question because Penguins don’t live at the North Pole!

Only a few people got the question right this month. Well done to Jack Burns from 7J whose name was drawn from the pool of correct answers!

Jack wins a £10 voucher!


Jack Burns

Keep a look out for our next competition!



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