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Trip to Cologne – Germany 2015

Student News Archive

On Monday the 14th of December, 97 lucky students began their journey to Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city, famous for the gigantic cathedral and fantastic Christmas markets.

The journey was a long 16 hours, but it was well worth it! Tuesday was our first day exploring Cologne, where we visited the Brühl Christmas markets. From these markets, students enjoyed a wide variety of sweet and savoury traditional German delicacies, such as Bratwurst and Churros. After spending the evening here, we came back to the hotel to eat and unpack, before getting sleep for a great day the following day!

On the Wednesday, our first full day in Cologne, we visited the mesmerising Lindt Chocolate factory. In the factory, we explored the history of the Cocoa beans and how they become the chocolate that we eat today. We also were lucky enough to try freshly made Lindt chocolate. After exploring the chocolate factory, we walked to the Olympic Spots Museum. Our tour guide took us through the world history of Olympic sport and the development of sporting activities that we know today, the quality of this museum is truly reflected through the mix of interesting facts and the wide variety of interactive games and sports to try at the museum. After exploring the museum, we walked down to the local Christmas markets, allowing us to try out more German delicacies such as Currywurst, Kölner Dom Waffel and Stollen. After we had visited these markets, we all walked to the beautiful Cathedral and the nearby Christmas markets. We spent the rest of the evening here, before going back to the hotel for dinner.

On our final day, we enjoyed a visit to the Phantasialand theme park. Students were able to ride immense roller coasters, eat amazing German food, and skate on an ice rink. We spent around 8 hours at the theme park so students were able to experience a lot of incredible rides and attractions.

Friday was the day when we travelled back- an early start meant that we left the hotel at 8AM. Along our long journey we were able to visit another chocolate factory in Belgium where students could buy fresh, Belgian chocolate. After boarding the ferry early and only having short stops in the UK, we arrived back at school by 11PM.

I would like to thank Mrs Catterall and all of the staff for organising and coordinating such an amazing trip for everyone to enjoy!


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Christmas Festivities

House News Archive

On Friday 18th December the students had a very festive last day of term and were invited to watch a talent show, featuring a number of our students and staff, and to the Tottington High School Christmas markets, which was organised and by our House team.

Both events were a massive success thanks to the hard work of our fantastic students and staff.

Here are some pictures of our students and staff enjoying the day!


Merry Christmas everyone!


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Fundraising- Mr Duffy looking funny for money!

Student News Archive

Thank you and congratulations to all the students and staff at Tottington High school!

Collectively, we managed to raise £56 in a week in order to see Mr Duffy wearing the 70’s shirt on the last day of term! We fell short of our £100 target BUT, in true Christmas spirit, Mr Duffy has kindly agreed to wear the shirt anyway.

A huge thank you goes to our student council member, Mohammed Shah who worked tirelessly this week, carrying around the collection bucket AND counting all the money you donated!


Well done everyone and enjoy seeing Mr Duffy looking for money!

Thanks, Your Student Council!

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Totty’s got Talent Raffle Tickets on sale now

Student News Archive

There will be a raffle taking place during Totty’s got talent (Thursday 17th) and tickets are now available to purchase even if you cannot attend the event!

£1 per strip

See Mrs McCool if you would like some tickets!

Prizes are as follows:









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