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October- Top Green Points

Student News Archive

Here are the top green points for October

Year 7– 1. Jack Veichmanis 2. Emma Wilkinson 3. Tiana Lee

Year 8– 1. Ethan Abbot 2. Isabelle Ralph 3.Henry Hathway

Year 9– 1.Joshua Lomax 2. William Alberto 3. Beker Khalid/Jo Woodman

Year 10– 1.Marian Obi/Molly Brophy 2. Leo Price 3. Katie Schofield

Year 11– 1.Ellie Goddard 2. Amy Stuart 3. Ellie Harrington


For the second month running, Jack Veichmanis in Year 7 is our overall highest green points earner! He has 43 green points!

Here he is collecting his 2nd certificate!

Jack 2

Who can knock Jack off the top spot?

Good luck for November!

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Sports awards

Student News Archive

Congratulations to those of you who received a Sports Award today. Names are below and pictures are to follow.

Year 8- Z.Parker, J.Carroll, G.Hodson, K.Shimmons, G.Cheung, R.Pilkington, S.Rogerson, H.Turner, R.Leoni, C.Berry, I.Ralph, M.Stokes, L.Smith, B.Schofield, M.Gracey, B.Tunstall, O.Jackson, S.Rhodes, D.Robinson, A.Blears, H.King, S.Jefferies, K.Russell, L.Brophy, R.Kelley, C.Russell, H.Oliver, T.Partington, E.Pye


Year 9– C.Larkin, E.Heyes, R.Davies, I.Tyson, L.Hunt, J.Woodman, K.Chadwick, J.Petza, M.Nuttall, G.Searle, C.Brown, H.Gill, S.Davidane, M.Green, E.Chapman, D.Flaherty, K.Baguely, J.Cassidy, M.Thornton, K.Ford, S.Openshaw, A.Thompson, M.Hall, C.Mallett, E.Ramlaul, J.Kelly, W.Alberto, W.Percival


Year 10– K.Tyson, K.Schofield, C.Garnett, H.Rodes-Werner, L.Higginbotham, L.Dearden, M.Obi, J.Carroll, R.Simpson, M.Webber, A.Curry, J.Gallacher, A.Martin, M.Eccleston, J.Mcgaffin, L.Milligan, R.Nelson, Z.Wood, G.Mole, J.Walsh


Year 11–  S.Goodwin, C.Hall, K.Edwards, A.Stuart, K.Hallsworth, A.Townsend, B.Wheeler, P.Dearden, K.Cunliffe, K.Tomlinson, S.Obi, E.Harrington, C.Barrow, P.Chankrathok, B.Worthington, X.Cowburn, J.Rhodes, L.Barlow, R.Gunning, G.Dalton, T.Hopper, J.Richardson, S.Lloyd, J.Thompson

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House Design Competiton

House News Archive

This year’s House Design Competition is to design a garden to transform the dull empty area at the back of the school into a bright, colourful garden. This area had previously been set aside as a ‘Peace Garden’ and your garden design should have a theme based around ‘Peace and Remembrance’.

All the details about it and how you can enter can be found here…

[gview file=””]

[gview file=””]

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Awful News for Frog Lovers

Awful News for Frog Lovers

Student News Archive

Whilst filming the ECHO launch video, the Newsletter team made a heart-breaking discovery. In the corner of Mr Duffy’s office, they spotted a small, brown frog tucked under the pipe.

After closer inspection, they discovered that it had unfortunately died. The frog was scooped into a box by Mr Duffy, and laid to rest soon afterwards.

RIP Frog, you will be deeply missed forever.



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