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Your Charities

Your Charities

Student News Archive

So, the votes have been counted and verified, and we can reveal that this year’s charities (as voted for by you) are… Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, Bliss-for babies born too soon, too small, too sick- and the Syria Crisis Appeal.  These charities will receive money kindly donated by you & your families & friends via the school’s fundraising activities throughout this school year. To find out more information about each charity, please click on the Fundraising tab.

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Kabaddi Rules

House News Archive

As it’s House Kabaddi this week, we thought it might be a good idea if you knew the rules – so if you’re playing, you’ll know what to do; and if you’re watching the games, you’ll have a better clue as to what’s going on.  So here’s what it’s all about…


  • At the start, seven players from each side take the field
  • Match duration:  Five-minutes.
  • The ‘Raider’: One who enters the court of the opponent is the raider.
  • Every player in whose court the raid is being made is known as the ‘defender’.
  • The defenders MUST act as a team and link hands throughout the attack
  •  A raider must intend to get an opponent player out by touching him/her and then returning successfully to their court within 30 seconds of the start of the raid.
  • Each raid is restricted to 30 seconds.
  • Teams take turns to be raiders and defenders
  • When the raider crosses the line of the defending team, touches an opponent and gets back to their court, it is known as a successful raid and scores one point.
  • If a raider does not score any points or lose any points during the raid, the raid will be treated as unproductive or empty raid for his/her team.
  • If a defender or defenders block the raider and do not allow him/her to get back to his court, it is known as holding the raider, and the raider is declared out. One point is awarded to the defending team.
  • The team with the highest score after five minutes is declared the winner

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